Next chapter goes live April 24th.Β  πŸŒ‘ πŸŒ’ πŸŒ“ πŸŒ” πŸŒ•

Next chapter goes live

April 24th.

πŸŒ‘ πŸŒ’ πŸŒ“ πŸŒ” πŸŒ•

"Hunted Down" cover by M. T. Blanc, featuring a sinister jungle landscape in the style of a pulp fiction magazine

Deep in the uncharted jungle, a shocking secret awaits discovery...

This dark little adventure follows a band of explorers who delve into the trees in search of a missing companion, only to end up in need of rescue themselves.

It speaks in the spirits of Lovecraft, Burroughs, and Poe, but with a modern twist.

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Podcast art for Star–Cross: Keen's Turn, featuring vampire fangs and subtitle "don't die in vein"


Lend me your ears, lend me your eyes, lend me any organs you can spare, and prepare yourself for a vampire story like no other.

Keen’s Turn is a free vampire podcast and upcoming novel pulsing with thrills, chills, miss-stakes, and a biting sense of humor.

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