Tales of Melaina Blanc
Keen's Turn working cover with urban silhouette of man running inside fanged mouth

Working cover. I promise it will be better than this.

Love vampires?
Fancy signing up to review a novel?

This is the first book in a vampire series. That means it’s playing in the range of action and absurdity, suspense and sensuality, fantasy and humor and horror that this delicious genre encompasses. If you don’t like vampire stories, this is not a good use of your time.

More specifically, it leans toward thriller with threads of romance and horror.

I’m assuming you’re here because you’ve heard the pitch, but here’s the short version:

When a chance glimpse of a vampire’s murderous meal forces a daydreamer to take up vampire hunting, he quickly finds himself in up to his neck.

Author secret: what we really want to know is how the story affects you emotionally, scene to scene. As to what that looks like, I’ll send feedback guidelines, but it’s up to you how in-depth you want to go. You could write a page; you could write more. You will not be graded.

You’ll get a free story. You’ll also get to take part in the creative process by influencing a novel for future readers. And, of course, I would deeply appreciate your feedback.

Trigger warnings include puns (seriously—people have had violently adverse reactions, consult your doctor before reading, I will not be held responsible), also profanity, smoking, drinking, discrimination, sexual content (below X-rating), injuries, death, and, of course, blood. Come on now.

Yes and no. Think of the podcast as a milky cup of decaf. This is a shot of black coffee. Do not consume before bed.

If you’re on board: