"Hunted Down" cover by M. T. Blanc, featuring a sinister jungle landscape in the style of a pulp fiction magazine
Tales of Melaina Blanc

Deep in the uncharted jungle, a shocking secret awaits discovery...

After an argument causes his rival to decamp into the wilderness and not return, an irascible explorer is roped into a rescue mission. But the band has not ventured far into the trees before they end up in need of rescue themselves, falling afoul of the eldritch beings that dwell there.

Caged in an encampment of monsters, can they endure their captors’ attentions? What fate awaits them if they cannot escape, and what became of their missing companion?

This dark little tale speaks in the spirits of H. P. Lovecraft and Edgars Burroughs and Poe, but with a modern twist.

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